Malham, Mastiles Ln. & Kilnsey.

It was a lovely hot day for [yet] another trip to the South Dales. This was a bit of a repeat of last weeks ride, the aim being to do it correctly this time around!

Mastiles Lane towards Kilnsey.

Mastiles Lane towards Kilnsey.

The ride started in Airton with some scenic on-road (hard climbing)
stuff up to Malham Tarn, passing school parties on their way to Malham Cove. After passing the tarn in was onto Mastiles Lane, passing the Roman marching camp and some highland cattle before heading over towards Kilnsey. I nearly missed (noo, not a repeat of last week!) the bridleway towards Boss Moor and some singletrack-esque sections. A
track descended to Hetton from where it was back to Airton via the village of Winterburn and some typically scenic Dales roads.

10/10 for a not particularly technical but nevertheless great fun mtb ride 🙂

I’ve also made a video for this one. Not great editing for my first try.. I need Pinnacle Studio! and shot whilst riding with one hand 😮 . See what you think and feel free to comment.. [second one is done with Pinnacle studio! – 5/07/09]

Malham, Mastiles Ln. & Kilnsey at EveryTrail[vi


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